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Swarm Lab Winter Review:

This one day event provides an in-depth view into the exciting research results and accomplishments produced during the first year of center operation.

Thursday, December 6, 2012
U.C. Berkeley
Sutardja Dai Hall

The agenda is now available here.


Presentations Now Available!

We invite you to check the event page to see all presentations from past Swarm Lab events


The Qualcomm Ubiquitous SWARM Lab at UC Berkeley

In synchrony with the Cloud and its all-present mobile access devices, a third layer of information acquisition and processing devices - called the sensory Swarm - is rapidly emerging, enabled by even more pervasive wireless networking and the introduction of novel ultra-low power technologies. The Swarm gives rise to the true emergence of concepts such as cyber-physical and cyber-biological systems, immersive computing, and augmented reality.

Enabling this fascinating paradigm - which represents true wireless ubiquity - requires major breakthroughs on a number of fronts. The newly formed Swarm Lab at Berkeley addresses these challenges using a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together breakthrough technology, scalable design methodologies and cutting-edge applications.

SWARM Lab Mission

The Swarm Lab seeks to foster the creation and distribution of exciting applications of large swarms of sensors and actuators through the adoption of an open and universal platform. The Swarm Lab builds on the strengths of Berkeley in integration and in building bridges between different fields.

Read more here about the Swarm Lab's Research Vision In a Nutshell.    


The lab is all about integrative research - making swarms become a reality through the creation of an open platform vision. As such, the lab will work closely with other leading Berkeley labs (CITRIS, BSAC, BWRC, PARlab, Trust, AMP, BID). It is driven by a set of application domains carefully selected based on research challenge, faculty and company interest, and potential global impact. The SWARM Lab is a collaboration between UC Berkeley researchers, industry, and government. It is managed by a board of 6 faculty directors, and involves students and faculty with a broad range of interdisciplinary skills.